The Hormonal Reset MasterSeries Supercharged is perfect for you if....

  •  You packed on a few unwanted pounds during COVID (don't worry, they're not with you forever!)
  •  You've reached new levels of stress during this challenging time
  •  You've become reliant on caffeine, sugar and alcohol (and other unwanted vices)
  •  You deal with horrible periods, off-the-charts PMS and unpredictable moods (sorry to anyone who lives in your household right now!)
  • You suffer from bloating... no matter what you eat! 
  •  You are Aging at a more rapid rate then you had hoped (where's the closest time machine!?) 
  •  You deal with Insomnia and other sleep problems  

The Hormonal Reset MasterSeries kicks off on January 11th 2021.

Hi, I'm Brittany!

My story and wellness journey came through a series of challenges. If anyone is proof that you can move forward and get through anything and come out stronger, more fit and happier on the other side - it’s me. I'm happy to say that today I am "high on life" and want to help you to reach the same place.  

Starting from the early age of 16 and coming from the film and television industry, I battled terrible eating disorders. Struggling with bulimia followed by a stint of anorexia, both led me to a whole host of health problems.  

My body was slowly breaking down, my brain function was at an all time low, energy was disappearing, and my relationship with food was disastrous. Not to mention as a long term result my hormones were so affected that I developed Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, pre-menopause at age 23, and added an extra 10 lbs on my small frame. I was the furthest thing from my ‘goal body weight’. I used food as a reward or a punishment, either way , it ruled my life.  

Now, it is my mission to help as many women as possible to feel AMAZING in their skin by balancing their hormones and taking control of the way they feel!

How does the 5 week Hormone Reset MasterSeries work?

You Are Fully Supported!

A step-by-step program delivered in weekly modules in our Facebook Group. You'll be among great company as you transform your health!

You'll Receive Expert Nutrition & Hormone Mentorship.

Full meal plan, shopping list and recipe guide catered towards balancing your hormones & solving health pain points.

Join The Live Weekly Coaching Calls (or Watch the Replay).

5 weeks of Live Coaching with Hormone Expert, Brittany Lynn and ongoing Q&A throughout the program. See image below for our weekly themes that take you through the Hormonal Reset Method!

See Results Because You Have Accountability.

You've tried plenty of programs on your own, but there's something about starting a health journey with a like minded community of women.

This is what we'll move through together, during The Hormonal Reset MasterSeries!

Are you ready to address your cortisol, blood sugar, thyroid, gut health, sex hormones & relationship to food?

These Women Credit The Hormonal Reset MasterSeries with Revamping Their Health!

Deciding to invest in this Hormonal Reset Master Series was the best decision I made in 2018. Getting to the root cause of so many issues was the answer that I had been searching for for years. Thank you for your wealth of knowledge and teaching, Brittany! Every woman needs to invest and complete this series - I feel amazing!

— Esther, 33

I want you to know that I feel amazing after the Hormonal Reset! I’ve lost 20 pounds which is great BUT my energy is incredible! I’ve learned that wheat, diary and sugar are not my friends... or in very small doses!

— Amanda C, 45 

The hormone reset has been my life reset. Brittany does such an amazing job with providing insight and knowledge into resetting your body and your mind. I have never felt so good in the sense of my health, my relationship with myself, kids, husband and most importantly food. I highly recommend this program.

— Heather, 35

The Hormonal Reset MasterSeries kicks off on January 11th 2021.

The price of the program is $597.00 CAD - payment plan avail see below


Choose how you want to get started...

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1x Payment of $597.00

1 easy installment and you're done!

  • 5 week Hormonal Reset MasterSeries Program
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4 x Payments of 165.00

4 easy installments and you're in!

  • 5 week Hormonal Reset MasterSeries Program

OR Choose our V.I.P Experience for $1197.00

Everything that's included in our MasterSeries PLUS private & personalized sessions with Brittany.

  • 5 week Hormonal Reset MasterSeries
  • 3 V.I.P Private Coaching Calls (45 mins via Zoom) with Brittany with personalized protocols & support